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MIDOCs Reaches Milestone of 100 Participating Physicians

All 24 slots available for MIDOCs this year were once again filled on Match Day, the national process for placing medical students into residency programs. This new cohort brings the total number of physicians who have gone through or are currently enrolled in the MIDOCs program to 100. “That’s 100 more physicians staying in Michigan and providing care for underserved communities,” says Amy Hoge, Executive Director of MIDOCs at Michigan Health Council (MHC). “We’re thrilled to have reached this milestone thanks to the support of MDHHS and our academic partners!” MIDOCs is a partnership between four Michigan medical schools - Central Michigan University College of Medicine, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Wayne State University School of Medicine and Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine. The program recruits, trains, and retains doctors in rural and urban underserved communities throughout Michigan. It is currently administered by MHC. “We’re anticipating a shortage of 1,444 physicians between 2022 and 2032,” says Michelle Wein, Director of MHC Insight at Michigan Health Council (MHC). “To see an innovative model like MIDOCs actively working to address this shortage is encouraging.”

Since its initial funding in 2019, MIDOCs has resulted in 5 cohorts of physicians representing 7 specialties across more than 27 Michigan communities. See the pie chart on the right for a detailed breakdown of each specialty. By this Summer, 18 of the 100 MIDOCs physicians will have graduated. Next year, another 20 will be graduating and going to work in Michigan – bringing the total to 38 new primary care doctors providing highly-needed care in Michigan. For a map of where graduates are currently training and working, please visit


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