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Where will I be able to practice? What areas of Michigan are considered "underserved" and are "eligible" areas for doctors to work in once graduated?

Of Michigan's 83 counties, 75 have at least partial designation as a primary health professional shortage area (HPSA). To determine if a practice site is in an underserved area, use the tools here https://data.hrsa.gov/tools/shortage-area. Using the HPSA Find tool, you can filter by specialty. While some details are still being worked out, MIDOCs will be using the HRSA designations to define "underserved" areas. Specific practice sites within those areas will need to be approved (or "qualified") by MIDOCs prior to selecting a location for your service commitment. There will be many options, and we will work diligently to find a practice site that's a good fit for you and also meets the program requirements.

Will the salary be competitive or reduced for the two-year commitment in an underserved area?

The only financial bearings the MIDOCs program will have is the $75,000 loan repayment. The MIDOCs program has a component that will assist with finding appropriate jobs, but specifics regarding salary amounts will be a negotiation between you and the location that you will serve your two-year commitment.

Are there specific loans that qualify (vs. non-qualifying loans) relative to the loan repayment bonus?

Qualifying loans include, but may not be limited to, loans incurred through government, commercial and/or school entities for the purpose of undergraduate and graduate education.

What documents are required to submit proof of the loan?

Based on the type of loan, we will work with you to determine the appropriate satisfactory documentation.

Is the loan reimbursement taxable?

Please consult your tax adviser. Generally, loan reimbursement awards received under a State loan repayment or loan forgiveness program that is intended to provide for the increased availability of health care services in underserved or health professional shortage areas are excluded from wages for FICA, FUTA, and federal income tax withholding purposes.

Can I apply to other loan repayment programs?

Yes, but you need to complete your practice requirement for MIDOCs directly after residency and before any other service commitments that may be required of other loan repayment programs.

What if a resident needs to take a leave of absence during the 2-year practice requirement?

The dates for completion of the MIDOCs program -- including practice requirement -- are outlined in the Resident Addendum Article 2.2. The resident is bound by those dates “unless mutually agreed upon by all parties.”

Can a resident pursue fellowship training immediately following their time in residency, delaying their service time?

No. The boilerplate language (state law) for the MIDOCs program states “Assistance with repayment of medical education loans, loan interest payments, or scholarships provided by MiDocs shall be contingent upon a minimum 2-year commitment to practice in an underserved community in this state post-residency and an agreement to forego any sub-specialty training for at least 2 years post-residency.

If I participate in MIDOCs, does it preclude me signing contracts with hospital systems around the end of my first year? For example, If I'm in the MIDOCs program and say Trinity Health offers a contract with a signing bonus. Am I allowed to sign that contract even though I have committed to MIDOCs?

You will have two options here:

  1. During your MIDOCs residency, you may sign a contract with a hospital if it meets MIDOCs criteria for an underserved area. This will need to be first approved by MIDOCs to ensure it meets criteria.
  2. During your MIDOCs residency, you may sign a contract with any hospital, as long as the start date of the employment is after you have fulfilled your two-year commitment for MIDOCs in an approved underserved area.

When will I receive the $75,000 loan repayment?

  • $5000 upon receipt of a copy of the Resident’s signed contract for their 2-year service in an underserved area
  • $35,000 at the start of the first year of the two-year practice requirement
  • $35,000 upon verified completion of the first-year practice requirement

Can I apply to only one institution’s MIDOCs program?

Yes. For example, if you are interested in an Internal Medicine residency program at one institution, you should apply to both their general Internal Medicine residency program as well as their MIDOCs Internal Medicine residency program. When it is time to rank programs in NRMP, you can then can rank both programs, if you wish to.

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